Michael's Cheat Sheets

A collection of various cheat sheets, code snippets and quick articles explaining some of the common things I've done.

Build Status

travis-ci rebuilds the cheat sheets every time I make a commit, so you can view the latest version here.

If you are interested in seeing the project's source repository, it's all on GitHub.


To generate the pretty html version, you need to have mdbook installed. mdbook is a gitbook-like program written in the Rust programming language mainly targeted at marking up and presenting documentation. To install it you can do

cargo install mdbook

Then generating the html is as simple as cd-ing to this root directory and running

mdbook build

If you don't have Rust installed, by far the easiest thing to do is get it from https://rustup.rs/. Rustup is a tool created by the Rust developers for managing multiple versions of the Rust compiler at the same time, as well as continuously keeping it up to date, and installing alternate compilation targets (e.g. so you can effortlessly cross-compile for Android or Windows from a Linux machine).

mdbook also has a nice feature where it'll serve your documentation and as you are editing it, everything will get regenerated and updated in your browser every time a file is saved.

mdbook serve

mdbook expects a directory structure similar to the following:

├── README.md
├── src
|  ├── SUMMARY.md
|  ├── chapter-1.md
|  └── ...
└── book
   ├── index.html
   └── ...

When you build the book, all generated html is put in the /book directory using the Markdown files in the /src directory according to the contents of /src/SUMMARY.md.

For more information on how to use mdbook, consult the documentation.